Thursday, November 12, 2009

What Color is Your Town Today?

I sometimes read the blog of a British artist named Angie Hughes. She doesn't blog regularly because she is busy making art, but in January of 2008 she wrote something that sparked a bit of creative thinking in me, and I have used this spark off and on ever since. This is what she said after a trip to the Tate Britain Museum:

The Turner watercolour exhibition is really interesting... They had a map of Europe and where Turner had visited and the colour palette he had used in each region. I was interested to see that he used lots of different pinks in Paris, I always think Paris looks pink.

If you had to choose a colour palette for your home town what would you use?

If you spend much time outside in your own town, you know that many factors determine color around you, so I like to periodically ask myself that question. Often, living here next to the Puget Sound, my colors are grays and silver. But today.... not so much.....

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