Tuesday, April 5, 2016


This is the book I made for the 2015 Puget Sound Book Artists' annual exhibit at the University of Puget Sound. The book is a star book format. I used my very large collection of bridge photographs for this one. Each page has three layers: the back layer is painted paper, the middle layer is a black and white photograph printed on a transparency, and the top layer is more painted paper that I cut in shapes related to the bridge I had photographed. I documented the photos on a piece of card that fits into a pocket on the back cover. The card also serves to show the book's title, which peeks out over the top of the pocket when the card is inside.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Back At Last

It has been over a year since I have touched this blog, I know. Busy and Sloth won out over Good Intentions, but now that things have settled, I am back. Over the last year we have had births and deaths, new jobs and retirements, steep learning curves, computer messes and a bit of banging my head against the wall, but I have always managed to fit studio time in somewhere.

So...now we play catch-up. I'll start with most recent work, just finished and photographed and ready to submit for Puget Sound Book Artists' 2016 show next summer. It is called Red, for obvious reasons. It is a small book (about 3 7/8" square) long stitch binding over tapes. I made my own book cloth from antique kimono silk, and made the tapes from kimono silk as well. I confess I do not know what kind of paper the signatures are made from. The paper is a friend's left-overs, snatched up by me because of its lovely texture and "sew-ability."

I am really fascinated with the work of artist Junko Oki. These little studies are not me trying to emulate her work-- which is beautiful and mysterious and unique-- but more me thinking about mending and patching and being inspired by this artist. It was also time for me to justify my hoard of red silk by actually using it. 

For the 24 pages, I cut eleven small printing blocks, and 24 random pieces of red kimono liner silk. I set the silk on the page and printed over it, then after the ink dried, sewed the silk down with white thread. The sewing was rhythmic, but  not preplanned. I just started in and continued until I was happy. I reused several of the blocks, but every page is unique due to the different shape of the scraps and the sewing. 

On impulse, I sewed three silver bells to the spine. I love the tiny sound they make whenever I open the book.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Secret Belgian Binding

Two books I made recently using the Secret Belgian Binding method. The cover paper is paste paper I made. I think paste paper and I are a match made in heaven. All my wood graining tools from theatre come into play here, but nothing has to look real! In fact, it can look as unreal as I want! How cool is that? The binding thread for the faux wood book is dark brown hemp (found in the jewelry-making section of a craft store). The binding thread for the blue book is rayon knitting tape.

You can see a bit of pattern underneath the paint on the blue book. This is because I painted my paste paint over some printed paper leftover from a wedding shower project. The print was perfect for the party, but way too pink and sweet for any book project of mine. I love how the pattern shines through from below.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two Stitched Books

I have been practicing some of Keith Smith's binding methods from Volume 2.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bridge 1

This was my piece in the Puget Sound Book Artists show this summer. It is a hand-painted maze fold book called Bridge 1.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A New Friend

Meet Beckham, an eleven month old Border Collie we just adopted 3 days ago. When our best-dog-ever Cody died in May 2013, I didn't know if I could ever have another dog. I was afraid no pup could ever fill that spot. But I missed having a sidekick, especially a Border Collie sidekick, and so did Mr. B. We knew we would prefer another rescued dog, so we started looking and this little guy appeared. Dumped by the side of a road along with his mother, the two dogs fended for themselves for a few weeks until some kind souls decided to try to catch them. The catching took two days, then it was off to a foster mom near Boise, Idaho. She is an extraordinary lover of dogs, and is quite selective in her adoptions. Fortunately for us, we passed muster, and were able to bring him home with us. I'm in love already.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life. Whew.

Dropped off the grid again, I know. Sorry. But Life happens sometimes and remembering to document every little thing isn't something I do. So, things that keep me from blogging (apparently) are:
  • Work
  • Suddenly getting laid off from work and feeling quite unhappy about it
  • One of our five lovely offspring requiring what we shall call Transitional Housing, leading to
  • Seven weeks of child sleeping on our couch, during which
  • Master bath remodel continued (three adults, one toilet, one shower)
  • Hosting son-in-law for a bit while he relocated from Arizona for new job
  • (four adults, one toilet, one shower)
  • Realizing how really spoiled we are to whine over sharing a bathroom
  • Getting daughter and babies moved up from Arizona, which didn't take much physical effort but took over our entire brains for a month
  • Finishing a book for Puget Sound Book Artist's Annual Exhibit
  • Building several new books (photos soon)
  • Making several books with a grandson (a new convert!)
  • Bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel
  • Getting married
  • Trip to Washington DC
Yes, you heard right. Mr. B and I finally tied the knot last month! We have been together a long time. I joke that I just wanted to be really sure we had what it takes to be married.  But I figure if we can, in the course of the 11-ish years we've been together, marry off four of our five children (two of his, both of mine), welcome three grandchildren, deal with the death of two parents, one brother and our beloved dog, survive one knee replacement (his), buy a new car, travel, and probably the truest Test of Love, gut and remodel two bathrooms and one kitchen without strangling each other... we are probably going to be OK with whatever else comes our way. I am one lucky girl.