Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A New Friend

Meet Beckham, an eleven month old Border Collie we just adopted 3 days ago. When our best-dog-ever Cody died in May 2013, I didn't know if I could ever have another dog. I was afraid no pup could ever fill that spot. But I missed having a sidekick, especially a Border Collie sidekick, and so did Mr. B. We knew we would prefer another rescued dog, so we started looking and this little guy appeared. Dumped by the side of a road along with his mother, the two dogs fended for themselves for a few weeks until some kind souls decided to try to catch them. The catching took two days, then it was off to a foster mom near Boise, Idaho. She is an extraordinary lover of dogs, and is quite selective in her adoptions. Fortunately for us, we passed muster, and were able to bring him home with us. I'm in love already.