Thursday, November 17, 2011

Watch This Space

Lately I've been cleaning here and there, working on this and that, hunkering down in this blustery November, and trying to get a few winter projects set up. One project near the top of the list is another chair for the Northwest Furniture Bank's 2012 Chair Affair. I painted a chair for last year's auction, and had such a fun time doing it that I threw my hat (or chair) in the ring again. I had a surplus chair from Mr. B's office set aside, and a complex collage in the planning stages. Then the chair mysteriously disappeared in a weekend clean-out. No culprit stepped forward. Sigh. Plan B. I have a new chair, and it's a nice sturdy one, but not the same style, so my Islamic tile design isn't going to work. I am, however, using the same collage material (security envelopes) and I know I will have just as much fun.

Another project, prompted by the studio tidying, uses this crazy paper. I had been given a stack of black pages from a photo album- headed for the recycle bin after a theatre props department purge. I took another look the other day, and thought hmmmmm... what if I cut the pages down a bit, folded them into signatures, made a book, and filled the missing photo spots with something new?