Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life. Whew.

Dropped off the grid again, I know. Sorry. But Life happens sometimes and remembering to document every little thing isn't something I do. So, things that keep me from blogging (apparently) are:
  • Work
  • Suddenly getting laid off from work and feeling quite unhappy about it
  • One of our five lovely offspring requiring what we shall call Transitional Housing, leading to
  • Seven weeks of child sleeping on our couch, during which
  • Master bath remodel continued (three adults, one toilet, one shower)
  • Hosting son-in-law for a bit while he relocated from Arizona for new job
  • (four adults, one toilet, one shower)
  • Realizing how really spoiled we are to whine over sharing a bathroom
  • Getting daughter and babies moved up from Arizona, which didn't take much physical effort but took over our entire brains for a month
  • Finishing a book for Puget Sound Book Artist's Annual Exhibit
  • Building several new books (photos soon)
  • Making several books with a grandson (a new convert!)
  • Bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel, bathroom remodel
  • Getting married
  • Trip to Washington DC
Yes, you heard right. Mr. B and I finally tied the knot last month! We have been together a long time. I joke that I just wanted to be really sure we had what it takes to be married.  But I figure if we can, in the course of the 11-ish years we've been together, marry off four of our five children (two of his, both of mine), welcome three grandchildren, deal with the death of two parents, one brother and our beloved dog, survive one knee replacement (his), buy a new car, travel, and probably the truest Test of Love, gut and remodel two bathrooms and one kitchen without strangling each other... we are probably going to be OK with whatever else comes our way. I am one lucky girl.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014