Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Silk

Red silk is not my only weakness, but it is surely one of them. Silk just seems to lap up red dye and send it back into the universe more gloriously red than it ever was in the dye-pot.

Yesterday was Sewing Expo day for my sister and me. I do not go every year, but when I do go, I make sure to stop by Ah! Kimono to buy a pound of silk for $10. Such a bargain. The silk is kimono liners, hand  stitched. I look forward to sitting down and carefully un-sewing all the pieces, wondering as I work about the people who wore these garments. Mostly the silk is white, and inexpensive enough for experimentation, which is why I love it. But there are always some bags with red prints in them as well, and those are the bags I grab. For a few years I could not bring myself to cut into the red pieces, but I have gotten braver now that I know how happy it makes me to use them. The photo above is yesterday's haul. Yes, there is plenty of white silk to play with too, but the red was begging for a close-up.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Like Zis, Like Zat...

Opening Night for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was last night. Today is the traditional Dia de los Exhausted around here. The past three weeks went by in a complete blur of paint, meetings, 4 days off to actually teach children (my day job), more paint, and tech rehearsals every night until 11 or 11:30. We are all exhausted, we have all worked extraordinarily hard, and we sure hope this play sells tickets. It should. It is laugh-your-butt-off funny.

Confession: Usually, after having to watch rehearsal for four straight nights-- and especially (may the gods of musical comedy forgive me) ESPECIALLY after having to watch a musical four straight nights-- by the time opening night rolls around on the fifth night, I am searching for the escape hatch. Seriously. Picture falling asleep each night with that little goat-herd song from The Sound of Music looping endlessly in your sleep deprived brain. But this musical? Every night I heard something new to laugh at. Every morning I woke up humming something from the show and it actually made me smile! It really is a good play.  That being said, my job there, barring possible paint touch-ups, is over, and I now have some time to work on my own art. Right after I clean my poor neglected abode...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My Life in Pictures

The play opens February 20. This is where I live right now, pretty much twelve to eighteen hours a day: