Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Floor Saga Continues

We continue with the floor. This is not a theatre set, although if you walked through those doors to the right you would almost be backstage at the Theatre on the Square at Broadway Center. This is the Tacoma Youth Symphony rehearsal hall, but it will also be used by Broadway Center for receptions and parties- hence the fancy-pants floor. There are giant floor-to-ceiling red velvet drapes that hang around all the walls, and some nice big chandeliers that you cannot see in this photo. The drapes are pretty, but they also allow orchestras to "tune the room" for optimum practicing.

This has been a lot of work. Those dark squares took two days to paint, because it is a dark charcoal transparent glaze that had to be patted on with a sponge. What comes next is another coat of black around the edges, and then three big coats of some kind of clear sealer.

Plugging Away

The work at Broadway Center continues, but oh-ho-ho so slowly. These things take time. And a bit of being careful to step on only the dry squares.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


A few weeks ago, my son Joe became engaged to a lovely woman named Anna, much to our delight. It is to be a July 2011 wedding, so the planning is underway. Last night I asked her about her "colors" (since every bride seems obliged to choose a color scheme these days), and she sent me a photo.

I think Anna and I are going to get along together juuussssst fine.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Work. Busy.

I am painting (with others- it's a big job) a floor to look like marble at Broadway Center downtown from about 8 AM to 1 PM daily, then rushing to a theatre where I spend the rest of the day painting a set. It is grueling and I am very tired. BUT, I am taking photos and will have more to share by the weekend. So I didn't forget you. I am just very busy.