Monday, December 13, 2010

What Color is Your Town today?

Not my own town today, but let's just call it my adopted town for a day. Each December my mom's friend Lucy hires a coach, emails her friends (who all share the cost) and we all head to Leavenworth for one day of lunch, shopping, and camaraderie. The trip over the mountain pass is always serene, chilly, monochromatic beauty.
But when we arrive, we are greeted with every color of the rainbow in a snowy Christmas town. I rarely purchase anything beyond lunch, afternoon tea and pastry at the bakery, and perhaps some gluhwein just before the tree lighting, but I happily tag along with everyone else. It's a day of simple indulgence, picture-taking, and time spent with family, and for me, better than a spa day could ever be.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Life in These Parts

We are continuing work on that bath, although bad colds, bad weather, and a little theatre project for Mr. B took precedence for a bit.

This weekend he spent time constructing the lovely cabinet, which meant I got to help. Drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and shelves are all nearly ready for the finisher, lovingly sanded by yours truly.  I love wood. I love it when it's still on the tree, I love lichen-encrusted branches blown down by the wind, and I love wood sanded to a satiny smoothness and finished to let the grain take star billing.

I also love painting faux wood, as many of you know, and I'm sure my affection for the real thing has helped me a great deal in my painting of the faux thing. Here are a couple shots of one of my favorite projects, the set of Theatre Northwest's production of The Final Toast, a Sherlock Holmes play written by my friend, the late Stuart Kaminsky. The first shows the fireplace as I was working in the shop. The second shows it on stage, where, yes, all the wood, including wainscoting and floor, was faux painted by me. I think it is some of my best work so far.