Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Camera

I received a surprise early birthday present from Mr. B yesterday-- a tiny fancy digital camera to replace the older, bulkier, less fancy one I have been using. I have played with it quite a bit in the 24 hours it has been out of its box, but have much to learn. I have plans to take many more photos, but tonight you will have to settle for this one of my beloved old cat, Mr. Spanky.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wayzgoose 2010

Today my book arts group once again participated in Tacoma's Wayzgoose at King's Books. Wayzgoose is a celebration of letterpress and book arts held every year. Small letterpress and book arts people set up tables, have a thing or two for sale, and share their craft by inviting guests to make a little keepsake to take home. Our make-and-take was courtesy of Randi Kander- a tiny die-cut folded book in its own little envelope. Randi provided alphabet stamps and ink pads for guests to stamp pages. I helped with that table, and might possibly have had more fun than the guests.

While we were busy inside, the big attraction outside was the steamroller printing. Participating artists cut large (3'x4') linocuts which are pressed by the steamroller. I think the prints get better and better each year. Chandler O'Leary, a member of our books arts group, was one of the steamroller print artists this year. Here she is preparing to print. Her design is the Votes for Women Centennial.

And here are some of my favorites- fancy books made by my friend Lynne Farren. Don't you love them?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What Color Is Your Town today?

This afternoon I ventured out to Wright Park to listen to my son and his friend perform in the beautiful little conservatory. Joe and Erich have been writing music and playing together as Mr. Fusion since high school. It is always a pleasure to listen to them.

Finally spring here, color danced inside the conservatory as well as outside. This weekend the conservatory hosted the Hilltop Artists' Spring Glass Sale, so along with the lilies and azaleas inside was an undersea garden made of glowing glass.

Outside, tulips opened wide. Even the moss on the north side of the trees seemed to have brightened up a bit for the season.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Bits

I realized not too long ago that I tend to do a lot of these little starter pieces. Then they sit, waiting for a home. And usually they do find a home eventually. Another of my beloved red prints. This time it is cotton from an old quilt top I pulled from a trash bin at a laundromat more than 30 years ago. That quilt top sat waiting too, until about 3 years ago when I began dismantling it and using the vintage scraps in my work.

Yes, Paula, the porcupine quills were once yours. How fun to be able to use them!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bits and Piecing

It's a bad news/good news time right now. The play I was getting ready to paint has been postponed until possibly October. The production staff was having too many communication issues with the director. We could not do our usual brilliant job without a bit more time to work on this, so our Artistic Director called a time out. It is sad to halt production, but there are times in all art forms when it is best to stop the creative process and work on the infrastructure. I am confident we will all emerge with better skills. Meanwhile...all this new-found energy and time can be directed to the studio!
So here is something I have begun. A little pieced border on that square is new for me, and far from perfect, but I am happy with it. The Buddha head is acrylic modeling paste applied with a stencil onto canvas. It is an interesting technique. Lots of stenciling on this piece. I have altered the print on the background fabric by stenciling more pattern onto the cloth, and have done the same for that square of silk on the bottom. And the scribbles on the red rectangle are discharge painting with one of those laundry bleach pens. Lots of little fun bits to work with on this one. Nothing is stitched down yet, so no promises things will look like this when I am finished.