Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PSBA Third Annual Exhibition

I have been super busy, spending long hours at work lately, but I am really looking forward to tomorrow night, which is opening night for our Puget Sound Book Artists Third Annual Members' Exhibition. When I dropped my own book off on Tuesday I caught glimpses of other pieces that will be in the show, and now I can hardly wait to see what else will be there. I am always both humbled and excited that I am in the company of such amazing talent.

If you are in the Puget Sound area, this show runs through July 31, so you have all summer to find time to see it. The University of Puget Sound campus is lovely in summer, and the Collins Memorial Library is easy to find on campus. Walk in the main doors, head through the lobby, and you will run right in to the exhibit. And if you want a real treat, come on the evening of June 20. That night, from 5-8 PM, the cases housing the artwork will be opened up, and the artists will have the opportunity to show off their books (turning the pages for you!) and to talk briefly about their work. That is always my very favorite part of the exhibition, and you can be sure I will be there. There are so many things you can learn about each piece that you just don't discover by looking at it sitting in a glass case. Books, after all, are really meant to be held. Conversation with the Artists night is the next best thing to holding the books yourself.

In other news, I recently had the opportunity to stay in London for a couple of weeks. Do I have pictures? Oh yes, of course I do. And I will be sharing some of them very soon. Stay tuned...