Monday, August 27, 2012

What Color is Your Town Today?

So sorry about the long time no post. I have a new job, and for the last four weeks it has eaten up all my time. There are many reasons for this: first, it is a complete change from anything I have ever done, so every corner I turn, figuratively speaking, I am faced with yet another steep learning curve. Teaching myself Excel, Outlook, and rudimentary Power Point on the fly is no mean trick for a woman of a certain age, let me tell you. PLUS, the challenge of a lifelong Mac person (ME!) who suddenly has one of those "not-a-Mac" devices foist on her... well, let's just say yikes and leave it at that. Second, I am working for the same company, and in the same division as Mr. B, so work sometimes spills over into after-hours, because we get to talking, and then before you know it we are both reading email or whatever at 8 PM because there is no uninterested party to say Ahem, Stop Working. And third, the commute is rough. Even at 5:30 AM, the freeway can get crowded and slow on the way into the SoDo district of Seattle, south of the downtown, barely south of the stadiums, and getting home is worse.

So what color IS my new, adopted, sort of step-sister town?
Somehow I always think of Seattle as the color of a pair of well-loved Levis. Overall impression of blue-green-gray, but when you get closer, you see the patch of color. A rain-washed red here, a weather-beaten burgundy there. A lavender bush full of bees, a marigold, a taxicab, a warehouse painted Karl Larsson green. SoDo is a busy, quirky part of town. Mr. Cody Coderson has been coming to work with us, and he and I have done a little exploring up and down First Ave after lunch. The necessity of the Dog Walk is a great excuse to get out and look around a little bit..

More color later...