Sunday, February 28, 2010

Red Silk

Red silk is not my only weakness, but it is surely one of them. Silk just seems to lap up red dye and send it back into the universe more gloriously red than it ever was in the dye-pot.

Yesterday was Sewing Expo day for my sister and me. I do not go every year, but when I do go, I make sure to stop by Ah! Kimono to buy a pound of silk for $10. Such a bargain. The silk is kimono liners, hand  stitched. I look forward to sitting down and carefully un-sewing all the pieces, wondering as I work about the people who wore these garments. Mostly the silk is white, and inexpensive enough for experimentation, which is why I love it. But there are always some bags with red prints in them as well, and those are the bags I grab. For a few years I could not bring myself to cut into the red pieces, but I have gotten braver now that I know how happy it makes me to use them. The photo above is yesterday's haul. Yes, there is plenty of white silk to play with too, but the red was begging for a close-up.


  1. soooo lovely . . . soooo jealous . . . next time you have to buy a pound for me too! Promise?

  2. Those scraps look way better out of the bag. You're description of the reds is so captivating!
    My favorite part of Sewing Expo is looking at all my loot after I get home. Really, the damage. wasn't too bad this year - the Netsuke figure and wood block form Bohemian Element being the biggest offenders. (Naturally, but that bunny really wanted to come home with me!)