Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It's all over save for the little party hats, and once again, I'm relieved. Not that I dislike the Christmas season. It's just that this is the second year I have managed to be sick. Christmas 2008 was such a viral disaster in this house that we skipped it altogether. This year everyone came to my house, so skipping Christmas wasn't really an option. Ibuprofen and adrenaline got me through the day, and hopefully I have not given any of our 18 guests the gift of flu.

It was a lovely day with family and good food, and when everyone went home, I went to bed and stayed there for the best part of four days. Today I finally felt well enough to do a little work in the studio, and to walk the dog on the path overlooking the links. It was blustery out, and the water was a dark gray-blue today. I never tire of staring at the sound as I walk. It is different every day, and always beautiful.

In the studio, I finished beading the grid piece, which makes me happy. Now I can get a backing on it, and move on to other projects that are simmering in my imagination. I have Plans.

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