Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Par Avion

I love reading Maggie Grey's blog because she is such a creative person, and she shares her working methods and ideas so generously on her blog and in her books. Earlier this month she announced a give-away on her blog, and, feeling adventurous, I replied in the comments, hoping to be one of the random picks. And gosh! I was! Today, par avion, (sounds so much more exotic in French) I received an envelope of random supply loveliness, plus a sample bit of Maggie's work, which you can see in all its bronze-y glory on the right.

There are pieces of material I have read about and not yet tried, like Lutradur and Sizoflor, some interesting prints and painted fabric, a gorgeous piece of etched velvet (the dark piece in the center- trust me, it is yummy),  and some intriguing water-soluble film that is quite thick. I had never seen film that thick.  Confession: I did wonder when I pulled what looked like a sheet of clear vinyl out of the envelope, so I did a quick "wet finger" test. Aha! It melts! This is going to be fun!

One of the most valuable pieces to me is the sample of Maggie's work. I am a hands-on person (see Confession above). That is why I have always loved things made of fiber, things that are stitched, and things that are beaded. I want to poke and prod and tease layers apart a little to see how something was made. Even the best photography cannot replace the experience of holding a piece of fiber art in your hands. So, thank you Maggie, and thank you Providence, for sending this little bit of work to me. It is not going to be a Don't Touch piece. I will cart it around and show it to my friends. We will hold it in our hands, and turn it over and look at the back. We will lift a bit of the top layer up and peek at what lies underneath. We will Discuss.

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