Thursday, March 11, 2010

Performance Art

It is difficult to imagine this big wonderful set has completely disappeared, but it has. We saved the balusters, because so many theatre companies around here will be happy to borrow them. They are not easy to construct, so it is prudent to save them. But with very little storage space, the rest of the set was dismantled, and much of it is bound for recycling and the great beyond. We have sold off some of the furniture pieces bought or constructed for the show. All that are left are memories and photographic documentation. I guess that makes me a performance artist!
The backdrops are digital projections. They were designed by the set designer, Jason Phillips. The rest of the set was of course designed by Jason, but is almost all my handwork. I was very proud of the concierge desk below. The faux marble top fooled a few people until they got right up to it.
This last one is what I call a "stealth photo." It was taken by an actor during the performance. She was standing in one of tunnels. The audience is to your right. It is a great view of the clever roulette table our props master Tracy built from a broken table, carpet tube, leftover naugahyde, a lazy get the idea I'm sure. It looked brilliant, and we sold it to a small production company for a bit more than it cost to make (which was only $40.00!).

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