Saturday, March 20, 2010


Been painting.

I didn't start out with the intention of painting on old book pages. I started out with the intention of making an "altered book." You know, like everybody was making? I chose the perfect book to destroy: a college textbook about Gestalt Therapy. I shall not go into details about my relationship with college psychology classes except to say slicing that book into tiny pieces was- and continues to be- therapeutic.

However, I discovered that making an altered book was simply not my thing. So I stopped. But I had all these little oblong-shaped pieces of text-covered paper that were really nice for watercolors, and I had been reading books about icon painting. And from that came all these imaginary saints.

And then came the scanning, and the printing on muslin, and the stitching, and so on and so forth. Including the rescue of a big, blowsy, slightly crushed organdie hat flower from the trash at the theatre. The shells on the bottom are actually shell-shaped pailllettes. They were the correct shape, but the color of red and purple sequins, so I just painted them to look like verdigris.


  1. oooh! Delicious, juicy, fun!! I haven't been able to get 'into' the altered book thing either . . . but my oh my, I DO love this. I also rather love the big "pile o' saints" at the top :-)

  2. yes, the 'pile-o-saints' is very intriguing! and now i want to know who they are, and why they were sainted.

  3. Wowie, that's excellent. Tracy