Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Little Job

I've been sidetracked again with another painting job at Broadway Center. It's unrelated to the floor painting a few weeks ago- just serendipitous that both are here. At the time we were painting the floor in the 915 studio, a water main burst on the 3rd floor of the building housing the Pantages, damaging walls and flooring all the way down to the lobby. Mr. B's company was awarded the contract to do the repairs, and since I sometimes do faux painting for them, here I am once more. I'm happy to do it. I like my coworkers, enjoy being downtown, and love this theatre.

Drying out the walls involved carefully removing some of the decorative plaster, so when the plaster went back up, it was my job to artfully patch any divots and screw holes before it's all repainted.

 Most of the work I am doing is up in the mezzanine.  Here it is, shrouded in protective plastic and masking paper while the repaired walls are primed and painted. Three shades of "white" are used on the walls, and next it will my job to paint the extra decorative wash on the plaster molding. By the time Broadway Center is ready to open its 2010-11 season in a couple weeks, this theatre will be back to her gorgeous old self.

And yes, I will be on that scaffolding. For as short a time as possible.

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