Monday, November 22, 2010

Book Arts and a Bit of Weather

Last Saturday was a Puget Sound Book Artists' "Page Turning Event" at the University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library. We could bring our latest creations to share, and careful handling was invited. How great to not only be able to feast your eyes on such wonderful work, but to be able to pick it up and look through it as well. Most of Tacoma's Art at Work activities happened earlier in the month, and that might be why we did not get a huge turnout, but frankly I was happy with the less-than-huge crush of people. It gave me more of a chance to schmooze. I took my two little books made of hemp paper to share, and left elated and encouraged by the feedback I got from other book artists.  It's a great feeling to glance across the room and see someone carefully turning every. single. page. of Midnight Haiku. Wow.

My friend Lynne Farren volunteers as an art teacher at a local school, and here are some of the colorful books her students made. Aren't they fantastic?

  On the home front, we've had a bit of weather today. May I go on record as saying that this is about the saddest chaise I have ever seen? 

Ruth Gordon once said, "Never, under any circumstances, face the facts." Which is why I'm holding out for at least one more 80 degree day before 2010 is over.

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