Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A CHAIRity Auction

I painted a chair for this year's Chair Affair auction, benefiting Northwest Furniture Bank.

I have donated many pieces of beadwork to charity auctions, but never a piece of furniture. It really was a lot of fun to paint. The chair has been finished for many weeks, but true to form, last Wednesday, the night before I needed to turn my chair in, I got the brilliant idea to make a little book telling about the inspiration for the designs on the chair. Why oh why do these brilliant ideas always come to me the night before they must be finished? Anyway, I did finish it, including information about Tibetan tiger rugs, the cintamani motif (the three balls in a triangle), and the very talented Cressida Bell, who has been a source of inspiration since I first saw her work. I look forward to attending the auction  on March 8, and seeing the chairs a few of my friends have painted.

Yes, I did paint and stitch the chair seat. That was a whole lotta running stitch, my friends!
In other news, the bathroom remodel is finally finished! I will post photos of our magazine-quality bath in the next few days, I promise. Besides the bathroom and the chair, my time has mostly been filled with the day jobs. One of which lately has been a night job. SeaTac Airport in the middle of the night is not the most exciting place, but it is easier to repair paint when there are fewer people around, so that is when it must be done. The good news is that next week is a school holiday, so studio, here I come!


  1. I LOVE the chair!! I doubleLOVELOVE that you added a little book! SO cool!

  2. Thank you. Kind of sad to give it all away, but that was the intention from the start, and it is a good cause. It was also a good out-of-my-comfort-area exercise. I think that is necessary sometimes.