Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saving the Date

This is just a little Mom show-off time. My younger son and his lovely fiancee are getting married next summer, and their save-the-date card just arrived in our mailbox. The artwork for the card was done by their friend James Stowe, cartoonist and general all-around fab artist. Those of you who know these two can see what a great job Stowe did in capturing their likenesses.

As for me, the last two weeks have been work of the income-producing kind: a week-long job as a primary school librarian, and last week some painting at Macy's Bellevue, and wood restoration at a couple of restaurants in SeaTac airport. Meanwhile, I sketch and research when I can, and look forward to getting back into the studio soon. My new interest? Samurai armor. Yeah. It's always something.

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