Monday, April 11, 2011

More Long Stitch Binding

Last Saturday was the second of three classes on Long Stitch Binding taught by Mitzi Lindgren at King's Books in Tacoma. I can't believe my good fortune at being able to take these classes. Mitzi is such a great teacher, the classes are affordable, and I come away each time with new skills that I actually use. Because let's get real for a minute-- how many of you have taken a workshop (or three), thought gee, I learned so much, and then (for example) never done Brazilian Embroidery again, ever? Yeah, I thought so.
This lovely book has eight signatures sewn into the cover, with each two signatures sharing a hole. (Note to self: must buy a screw punch) The cover is made of Tyvek, painted with a wash of limey green acrylic. The thread is a nice brown linen, which we waxed ourselves. The cover has also been folded quite cleverly before being sewn. Tyvek is strong but quite thin, so the cover was folded in on itself rather like those brown bag book covers you made in school. The ends are notched and slipped into slits to keep everything together, which makes a neat little pocket of the front and back covers-- perfect for slipping in a piece of cardstock to further beef up that cover. I just love the way that Tyvek takes paint. The spun fibers show up really well with a translucent coat. This is a material I have not experimented with much, but now I am interested to see what else I can do with it.


  1. that sounds like so much fun with great results!

  2. more gorgeousness -- love that green! It sings of SPRING!