Thursday, June 2, 2011

Opening Night

Well I guess it was more like Opening Afternoon, but who notices details when you are this excited? When we got to the opening I was flattered to see that my two books got their own little spot!  On a plinth, no less! See that guy right there? He is carefully studying my work. Or perhaps he is just very tired and in need of a place to rest. I prefer to think it is the former.

And here is what I mean about not noticing details. It wasn't until I returned home tonight and got these photos off my camera that I noticed the labels are reversed on my two books. Obviously this little book is not the concertina fold Dream Book, it is the Midnight Haiku made from hemp paper, whose label is behind the Dream Book. Oh well. I'm sure that can be remedied.

The show is small but has work from some very talented artists. I am honored to have my work alongside theirs. If you are in Tacoma in June or July, it is worth a visit. Click here for details.

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