Monday, June 27, 2011

Road Trip

We've been on the road for a few days, to Wyoming to finally inter the ashes of Mr. B's mom, who died last Christmas. Six months seems a long delay, but it was worth the wait for a time when we could give Alys the happy grand- and great grandchild-filled sendoff she would have loved.

I have always preferred living near the ocean, but I must admit Wyoming is beautiful. So much sky!

Mr. B's dad told me he likes to see what's coming. You can do that in Wyoming, he said, but not where we live. In Washington, there's always some dang mountain or tree in the way. There is some truth to that.

So my color palette today is simple: sky, cloud, grass, and highway, with a sprinkle of antelope.


  1. okay ... I need to go to Wyoming because I am craving some flat ... horizon to horizon landscape

  2. We flew into Denver and drove north. Lots of flatness, guaranteed, but not Texas flat. For that, I fear you need actual Texas.