Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh That Streetcar...

This blog is mainly about my personal art, but which post of mine has gotten the most hits, according to Google Analytics? It's the one with the set photos for Streetcar Named Desire. Ha! Go figure.

Actually it is not surprising to a person who has ever faced an empty stage with a new script in hand. How many photos of Streetcar sets did I google, panic-stricken, after we unexpectedly parted company with our set designer? Lots, that's how many. Mega-lots. Fortunately Mr. B's brother, (recently Emmy-award-winning) Greg Carr, was persuaded to design our set, and he, too, looked at every other set design he could find online.

So, hello all you theatre mutts and scallywags. We were inspired by the great sets of others, and you are welcome to be inspired by us. Next up on my scenic artist docket is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for Tacoma Little Theatre. This morning I was madly googling "how to make liquids glow in the dark" and I can't wait to try out what I have learned. I'll post pictures in October.

And now back to my regularly scheduled program...

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