Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Work in Progress

Before I sew this one together, I thought I would photograph the pages.
The paper is black hemp, and what looks like paint on the pages is actually fusible webbing (Wonder-Under by Pellon) which has been painted, then cut into shapes and fused to the paper.

Because my stitching is visible on both sides, I planned (loosely) each fused shape so that the stitching would make some sort of sense, front or back. I do use the term "make sense" in the very loosest manner. Let's just say it had to make sense to me. Below is a group of pages in sequence so you can see the fronts and backs:

And another group:

The book will be sewn over tapes. The tapes will be some crazy cord made from spun silk ravellings from Nepal. And when it is finished, I will take a more formal portrait, I promise. 
-- And if anyone wants to know a bit more about painting fusible webbing, let me know. It's an interesting technique, and I'm happy to share.

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