Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Color is Your Town Today?

Thunderstorms predicted for yesterday never happened.

I took that as an omen and headed for the beach with you-know-who. It was low tide, which means lots of things to smell. For me, of course, it was just that general Eau de Tide's Out, but for a scentmeister like Cody, the world is not only his oyster, it is also his goose, osprey, barnacle, snail, and crab.

Yes, I too have a canine version of Buck Moss, and as dogs go he is one of the very best. So what color is my town today? It is the salt-faded, storm-on-horizon, bleached-out colors of a northwest rock beach. In spring. I am so lucky to have this place walking-distance from my house. I always wanted to live near a beach. This is not the kind of beach I had in mind when I was 10, but I'm happy with it.

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