Tuesday, May 22, 2012

News from the Home Front

After having two painful abscessed teeth extracted yesterday, Cody is doing great. He was a very drugged up, sad doggy yesterday afternoon when we picked him up from the vet. We hadn't fed him since Sunday night at 9PM, and he wasn't allowed anything but water until this morning, so he was really hungry. This morning I put chicken noodle soup and a can of dog food in the blender (blecchhhhhh, by the way) to make the required post-extraction puree and he was soooo happy. You could just see his little doggy brain going OMG! An entire dish of GRAVY! I'm in HEAVEN! Because to Cody, gravy is like hollandaise. Or fudge sauce. Gravy solves world problems for Cody. Gravy is King. Cody is happy.

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