Tuesday, September 24, 2013

London Part 1: Iconic London

So we had the opportunity to visit London for a couple weeks in May. Mr. B and I had both been to Great Britain before, but never together. Of course we had a great time, are you kidding? It was London! The May weather was windy and drizzly and pretty much exactly like the Pacific Northwest, so we felt right at home. We stayed in a rented flat in Clapham (Airbnb) and we walked miles and miles. We took a boat to Greenwich and a train to Canterbury. And I finally got to Carnaby Street- a bucket list item since my teenage years, way before lists came in buckets.

We took lots of photos, which I have divided into my own weird categories, and I will share them in a few posts. This first group  is from what I think of as Iconic London.

Next up: Historic Feet

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