Monday, September 23, 2013

Still Alive. Honest.

Best laid plans, etc etc.
I really do have the best of intentions, and I have a lot- A LOT-  of things to talk about.
  • I went to London! I took pictures!
  • My friend Ryan opened the coolest place in downtown Tacoma called Tinkertopia
  • The 500 Handmade Books, Volume 2 came out this month, and I have two books included. 
  • And I took an online class from Mary Ann Moss (of Dispatch From LA). Sort of. I did most of the class and I do have some things to say about that. And they are good things, Mary Ånn, honest.
But mostly I have been working at the "real" job, which takes hours and hours of my week, and when that happens, some things must go on the back burner, and one of those simmering pots is Le Blog.
Today, while babysitting someone who is taping and mudding our new bathroom walls, I was able to work from home, which cut at least three hours of commute time out of my day, which is wonderful. Also dangerous, because, well, here I am. Making promises to myself to get back into the bloggy thing.

So there you have it:  my blog to-do list made public. Putting my game face on. I'll start with some London eye-candy (as opposed to the actual London Eye which I prefer to View from Afar, thanks anyway), and since I will be at Tinkertopia tomorrow night for a bit of fun, I'll do that next. And here we go. I hope.

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